Picture of a Cute Medical ID Bracelet suitable to be used as a Child's Medical ID Bracelet.  It is a Medical ID tag with interchangeable beaded bracelets.

Vinyl Keychain "See Wallet Card"

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Vinyl Keychain "See Wallet Card"-keychain, wallet card, medical condition
Vinyl Keychain "See Wallet Card"
This bright red keychain is eye catching!  Printed with the international medical symbol and the words "MEDICAL CONDITION  SEE WALLET CARD" in black on a bright red background.  Perfect for bringing attention to you and alerting medical personnel to look for further information.  Use if your medications change frequently or are too complex or detailed to fit on a bracelet or engraved keychain. 
Hook to your keychain, gym bag, or even child's car seat.
The backside of this keychain is plain white, so you can add your own message with permanent marker.
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