Picture of a Cute Medical ID Bracelet suitable to be used as a Child's Medical ID Bracelet.  It is a Medical ID tag with interchangeable beaded bracelets.

About Our Bracelets

Our Bracelets consist of two parts, the ID tag and the Band.

The ID Tag is stainless steel, and has the international medical symbol engraved and painted red on the front left.  We hand solder a sterling silver jump ring on each side of the tag to minimize the stress, and extend the life of the bracelet clasps. This also makes it easy to change the band to match the occasion, and all of our bands are available separately, making it easy to match your style or mood.

Experience has show that engraving wears off fairly soon, so we now stamp all letters into the ID band.  This makes a deeper impression, which lasts much longer. The impressions are filled with red enamel which may fade over time, but the letters will remain deeply imprinted. 

Please note that we stamp using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS which are 1/16 inch high.  Some symbols  i.e. "*", "(" or ")" are not available. so please contact us if you have special requirements.

After engraving, we slightly bend each ID tag to more naturally fit the curve of the wrist. This is especially important for smaller children's sizes, and is something that sets us apart from our competitors.   
Each ID tag comes with one side of free engraving, and you can choose which side you prefer for your information. (the Front side faces out, the Back side is next to the skin).  Use the Bracelet Options Drop Down box to choose one or two sides of engraving. Please note that if you choose one side of engraving, but enter text in both Front and Back engraving boxes, we will adjust your total before authorizing your credit card - so please make sure that you type the text into the correct box(es).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.